The Safe Sabarimala app gives you all the information about Sabarimala. The application is one among the many visions of Kerala Police to ensure the safety of the pilgrims during the peak season at Sabarimala called Mandala Kalam. It has features that can be used the moment you start from your home to the pilgrim location.

Some of the key features

SOS feature will help you talk to our team of experts and you will be able to receive medical and intensive care within minutes
While during the pilgrimage, our app also informs you about the queue status such as how long will it take to reach the sacred pathinettam padi
You can make use of the sophisticated Augmented Reality window to search for the nearest oxygen centers, medical aids, rest rooms, dolly services etc while you make the ascent or descent
Sabarimala 360 gives you a beautiful 360 degree view of the places within Sabarimala and other key locations such as Erumeli
When you reach towards Pampa, the app has provision to guide you to the nearest parking slots based on our intelligent parking monitoring systems
On the way, you can use the app to search for Edathavalams (resting points), petrol stations, temples, restaurants etc.
You will receive news and instant alerts about whats happening around Pampa and Sannidhanam
The pilgrims may make use of the various assistance options such as missing person, lost and found etc from the application.
We welcome you to make use of our app and be safe. Happy pilgrimage.